Plant Artist
Cynthia Fan

A single Delphinium flower and a woven Phormium leaf

‘A winter’s bloom’, photographed by Jesse Navarre Vos

Conversation Image #9
  Pear__ed: a collaborative project with Hayden Malan

A lily grass basket
(Liriope muscari, Papaver nudicaule and a garden pansy)

‘Temperate Biome’ mock up for COP26
Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Meeting Room 6: ‘Temperate Biome’ for COP26

Bat flowers and a Begonia for Canoa Lab
(Tacca chantieri and Begonia sizemoreae)

Alice Phoebe Lou for Beautiful Blood magazine
Photographed by Jonathan Kope, styled by Kristi Vlok

Granadilla and Dianella from my mom’s garden

Lonicera installation for ‘Floreligum, a gathering of flowers’
Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

MolySabata/This Humid House residency
Image by Sebastien Cambos

Crossing process for compound vs. simple leaf sister species.
(Begonia peltata x B. thiemei)

Leaf scans for morphometric analyses: B. angularis, B. acetosella, B. acontifolia,
B. solimutata, B. arborescens and B. imperialis.

The morphospace generated for leaf shape in Begonia section Gireoudia using Elliptical Fourier Analysis.

B. luxurians x B. parviflora hybrid

Light microscopy image of a B. luxurians leaf primordia and auxillary bud.

Begonia glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.